We Are RHA.

Dear Readers,


As Residence Hall Association (RHA) executive members, we would like to formally welcome you to our website. Our mission as members of the Miami University Residence Hall Association is to represent campus residents as well as their beliefs, values, and desires through four basic avenues: Advocacy and Diversity, Campus-Wide and Hall-Wide Programming, Community Service, and Leadership development.  With that being said, our main goal is to improve Miami’s campus and the community of residents.


Once a week we meet with Community Leadership Team (CLT) presidents from each residence hall on campus. Those presidents put on programs and listen to student concerns which will be reported to the General Assembly during the weekly meeting mentioned. The main goal of the General Assembly is to guide and make decisions based on debate and cooperation from other residence halls. Being apart of this team of students requires the ability to advocate and lead one’s residence hall so that all students are accommodated.


As members of RHA, we will... Love, Honor, and make proud those who help us earn the joy and privilege of saying, "To think that in such a place, we led such a life."


Thank you for reading!


RHA Executive Board

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